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Love : Fresh and Nice Khaoyai Morning Breeze

Play : Team Building Activities As you designed

Eat : Our home cooking style meals

Rich in heritage. Best in comfort

With the everlasting beauty that stood for many years comes a fine
resort to serve its name


Best Food Menu

We serve Continental and Thai cuisines. Not to mention many regional flavors and tastes. A feast for your taste buds!


Easy Reservation

The reservation is quite simple and straightforward. You decide when you want to come to Baan na Khaoyai and book accordingly. Simple!


Enjoy Silence in Privacy

The quietude of the place coupled with our discreet room service would leave you to yourself in toto. You can be as private as possible!


Staff at your Disposal

In Baan na Khaoyai, our staff will appear mysteriously when you want them. The next moment you won’t find them! That is our room service!


in The best Locale

The quintessential locales of Baan na Khaoyai t is unbelievable. You can disappear into the woods in a no time, yet come back quickly.


Just You & Nature

We know your preparation before arriving at Baan na Khaoyai.  We take care and ensure nobody comes in between you and Nature!


Get irresistible offers from Baan na Khaoyai. We have special packages for winter and also an off season package. Reserve now to avail the early bird offers!


This experience will be worth in your lifetime.


Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city & venture into wilderness safely from Baan na Khaoyai.

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