Baan Na Khaoyai

A word "Baan" in thai means "Home", Baan Na Khaoyai is really the resort owner's home. The owner of Baan Na Khaoyai is a couple who has been married for almost 40 years. They love the surroundings at first sight when they arrived the land 30 years ago and would love to share how relaxing this place really is to you all.

You are welcome to witness the freshness of the air, to enjoy our friendly environment, to dine our local dishes and to see the breath-taking view on the hill.

Baan Na Khaoyai is a small to medium size resort where it fits for 1 to 150 guests. Baan Na Khaoyai is located 35 kilometers from the Khaoyai National Park entrance. Baan Na Khaoyai’s accommodation varies from a big house for 10 -12 guests to a cozy Thai Traditional House for 2 – 4 guests.